Target & Strategy

Focused on moving towards goals


We are focused towards the goals and way to achieve it.

Our partners are companies which have added and now are still adding glamour to Made in Italy, as they have been official representatives of Italian Style, thanks to their qualities and creativity.

We address especially the ones who want to expand their sales, to go beyond the borders and to establish new commercial interrelations.

The most fruitful ground for good possibilities for import and export is the foreign market: with Acso Consulting you are not only opening the door, but you are entering proactively on the international market!



ACSO Consulting ltd always designs an overall Digital Strategy with clearly defined goals and benchmarks before we dive in to which tools we want to use for a campaign. Tactics and digital platforms evolve as new tools come to market. The strategy employed is far more constant.

Once the strategy and goals are set, we start to identify the tactics and tools we need to make them a reality. Traffic Generation and Conversion Optimization each have separate tools that need to be carefully integrated to properly analyze results.