Focused on moving towards goals

Our goal is to increase your business rate

Our requirements are concentrated on the commercial and production outsourcing of the companies.

Our goal is to increase your business rate by means of demand of new commercial possibilities, the particular positioning at the international market and the possibility for production abroad. The focus of our commercial relations are the now emerging markets, which by means of their partial structural disposition offer both bigger possibilities for entrance and allow growing and taking positions in a competitive way.


Your product at the right market!

Your product at the right market! This is the mission of Acso Consulting: to find an interested in your product market, to check by means of market researches the acceptance you would find in the country and to offer it to local companies. All this thanks to the continuous cooperation of our 8 branches and the local experts, who are doing personally a market research on the territory, to which the product is directed, just before introducing it, and they provide us with exact information about the lifestyle, habits, requirements of the inhabitants and the genuine purchasers. Often the cultural and economic differences between the foreign countries make the company internationalization very difficult: the understanding of the needs of the foreign purchasers and the fact that you could rely on the local merchants during the talks are both in the bottom of your success!