Pioneer in the field of the company consulting services

ACSO CONSULTING is born as a result of many years of professional experience – since 1999 experts in the field of the company consulting services for advertisement of products Made in Italy and from other countries to the foreign markets.

Whether, where, to whom and how to sell: these are the questions we are giving answers to, in order to expand your business by introducing your company to the emerging international markets, thanks to right and strategic commercial exchanges of goods.

It’s a full-time job to stay on top of the rapidly changing digital landscape. We’re always so excited to see the incredible results our clients get when they stop struggling to do a poor job of their marketing and let our team of pros transform their results.


With its first headquarter in Italy to it’s headquarter in Bulgaria and with 8 operating branches, thanks to the worthless support from the part of the local merchants, Acso Consulting knows the real needs of the country, you are interested in and forecasts its requirements. Only the one who is within the right social and cultural context, breathes its air, lives its culture, only this one is able to represent in the best possible way your company to his/her country, by means of the most appropriate customs and traditions! Our foreign partners are our most valuable asset, since by means of their experience and expertise they make us able to surmount the dangerous cultural and linguistic handicaps, as they inform us also about all these nuances and details, which should be various according to your commercial choice!

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