Productional Outsourcing:

  • Your production abroad: less costs and more compatibility at the international market
  • Start up of branches abroad: from the establishment with all legal aspects, to the hiring and training of employees
  • Foreign production branches for support and representation

Commercial Outsourcing:

  • Research and selection at an international level, of potential customers
  • International Marketing Research with the purpose of finding the best channels for distribution
  • Analyses of the market demand and of the consumers
  • Representing the products of the foreign companies for import and distribution
  • Business possibilities: transmission in real time of the requirements of the foreign companies towards the Italian customers
  • Direct contracts with the interested foreign companies
  • Sales strategies
  • International marketing


Supply chain research:

  • Research and selection of new products abroad
  • Selection and possibilities for cooperation between the Italian and foreign companies
  • Selection and talks in the field of the work on behalf of third parties
  • Purchase of foreign products
  • Bigger compatibility at the domestic and international market


  • Research of products and packaging: the importance of the visual representation of your product for the target market
  • Realisation of catalogues in 20 foreign languages
  • Graphical creation of brands and labels
  • Research and realization of advertisement campaigns abroad
  • Education of our customer partners